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Working with SteriTek is easy! No credit check, no Dunn & Bradstreet report, and no scheduling issues at SteriTek to be resolved prior to processing. First-time process ordering with SteriTek is just like sending your devices to another department within your own company.

Charges are due Net 30 or we accept all major credit cards. Easy! Questions? Requests? Call us anytime at 510.933.9700. 

Simply submit your request for processing using the forms here.

Service Order Form
DEA Service Order Form
Fremont, CA Controlled Substance Shipping Record
Lewisville, TX Controlled Substance Shipping Record
Customer Contact Sheet
R&D Special Instruction Amendment Form
Dose Study Questionnaire


Service Order Form (SOF) / Submission Process

  1. Download SteriTek Service Order Form (SOF) (Word Document or PDF)
  2. Open and print document
  3. Fill out Service Order Form (SOF)
  4. E-mail to
  5. Ship material along with Service Order Form (SOF) to:

Attn: Shipping/Receiving Department
48225 Lakeview Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538

SteriTek Customer Contact Sheet

  1. Download SteriTek Customer Contact Sheet (Word Document or PDF)
  2. Open and print document
  3. Fill out the SteriTek Customer Contact Sheet
  4. Email Customer Contact Sheet to Jeff Sauter at
  5. Download SteriTek contact information. Please save and refer to the document for future needs.

    If you have any questions, call SteriTek at 510.933.9700.