A look ahead to 2018

It has been an exciting year for the MedTech industry. 2017 saw a lot of advancements in the field, with the FDA approving a lot of interesting pharmaceuticals and technology. As 2018 approaches, Steri-Tek looks ahead to the continuing merger of the pharmaceuticals and MedTech industries.

Companies are recognizing that they can better help patients by working together to create a single treatment option. Combination products, merging a drug and medical device into a single treatment, are becoming increasingly popular. Innovation has always been at the forefront for pharmaceutical and MedTech companies, and it’s becoming even more critical as the two industries work closer together.

Personalized medicine is another big thing we’re looking forward to in 2018. With advancements in technology, it has become even easier for physicians to tailor treatments for each patient. Wearables, such as the Apple Watch, are becoming increasingly important for monitoring. The FDA recently approved the KardiaBand, the first EKG medical accessory for a wearable. It allows the patient to monitor their heart rate quickly and allows the doctor an accurate reading during the next office visit.

While there are sure to be some regulatory hurdles to overcome, these two industries working together is going to open up new treatment options and improve current ones. Combining MedTech and pharmaceuticals has always seemed like the logical next step in patient care, and we’re very excited to see it happening.