Choosing the best packaging configuration

When choosing the packaging configuration for your product it is important to take these two things into consideration, ease of use and sterility.

When dealing with consumer-facing products, ensuring that the patient can easily open and use the product while keeping its sterility is vital. Drugs won’t work for patients that can’t won’t use them, so removing roadblocks allows drug delivery to be easy and consistent. Packaging for medical devices and drugs should make it as easy as possible for patients to follow their prescribed regime.

Dosing requirements also play a pivotal role is deciding what kind of packaging should be used. Patients and medical professionals both benefit from drugs designed to keep the possibility of over and underdosing to a minimum.

Once a patient-centric style of packaging has been chosen, the next step is ensuring that the product can be properly and efficiently sterilized. Not all packaging is created equal and while running a prototype test is an option, it is not the most cost-effective method. That is why Steri-Tek has partnered with Triple Ring Technologies to bring packaging configuration sterilization simulations to our customers.

Our joint efforts to bring sterilization simulation for packaging configurations allows us to help customers get to market faster. Not only can we help you decide how to package your product for optimal sterilization but we can also guide you to the best type of sterilization for your packaging and product.

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