The Power of Allograft

The use of allografts has been increasing in the last few years and the reasons are clear – Allografts offer cost and healing benefits.

Patients requiring surgery, especially in ligaments and tendons, present immense pain and may be unable to perform work duties and further lack a good quality of life due to their condition. They require surgery that can get them back to their normal life as quickly as possible. Allografts can help.

When an allograft tissue, be it be it bone, ligament, cartilage, tendon or section of skin, that matches the structural properties of the recipient is received from a donor, it is sterilized and processed. This carefully qualified allograft is then used in a procedure to better a patient’s life.

Since allografts come from donors the cost is significantly less than autograph procedures, that take tissue from the patient themselves. Autografts require another surgery site, which can increase cost and pain for the patient. Allografts, on the other hand, allow for the most efficient surgery possible.

The other benefit that is driving allograft usage is the recovery time. While autograft on average require up to six months of physical therapy, allografts average only three. The screening and sterilization of the allografts ensure that the patient will receive a graft that will work for them.

With over 1 million allografts used in surgery each year, it’s no surprise that cost is dropping for the graft itself, but also for recovery times. Sterilization techniques are also constantly evolving to be the most efficient possible. To learn more about allograft sterilization, contact us today.