Simulation of Radiation Sterilization

Choosing the best sterilization method can seem daunting. It can often seem simple enough to continue using a method that you’re familiar with; but each method, E-Beam, X-ray, and Gamma all have unique benefits that can determine which method is right for your product.

Since it would be expensive to test the product itself against each of the three sterilization methods, we have teamed up with Triple Ring Technologies to offer sterilization simulation. Our simulation approach allows companies to find the most cost-efficient, cost-effective and reliable sterilization method for their product.

Triple Ring Technologies has developed a powerful software tool that can accurately and realistically simulate the sterilization of E-Beam, X-ray, and Gamma. Using the GEANT4 toolbox, developed at CERN, we have access to the most sophisticated physics library in existence.

The team here at Steri-Tek will guide you every step of the way to ensure we simulate an accurate sterilization of your product. The simulation with render a dose map of your product so you can make an informed decision about the best sterilization method to use.

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