Manufacturing Day 2017

Since 2012 the first Friday of October has been celebrated as Manufacturing Day in the United States. Across the country factories and plants will open their doors and host tours for the local community and schools. Manufacturing Day aims to encourage students to consider a career in manufacturing.

This year, Steri-Tek is proud to participate in Manufacturing Day by inviting students, from the Fremont area high school and middle school, to tour our facility from 10:30 am to Noon on Friday, October 6th. The students will be able to see firsthand what modern manufacturing is all about.

Not able to attend? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for these students:

  • Steri-Tek sterilizes medical devices and drugs using E-Beam radiation
  • Students will get to see the only X-Ray sterilization facility in the country
  • The facility has a 10,000,000 pound concrete bunker to keep employees and guests safe from radiation

We hope that by opening our doors, we can open students’ minds to how exciting a career in manufacturing can be.